The Great War: Western Front, Coming to PC in 2023

The Great War: Western Front, Coming to PC in 2023

The Great War: Western Front, Coming to PC in 2023

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From former developers of Command & Conquer, comes The Great War: Western Front, a historical RTS capturing the epic scale and harsh reality of the First World War. Prepare to deploy on PC in 2023.

Take command of the Allied Nations or the Central Powers as you make tactical and strategic decisions to earn victory - both on the battlefield and in the overarching theatre of war. Relive history as it was, or fight to redefine it from either side.

In The Great War: Western Front, you’ll need to master dual-role gameplay. Firstly, as Theatre Commander, it will be your duty to direct divisions, research technologies, pick battles, and manage your nation's morale. Then as Field Commander you will take control of a thrilling, real-time strategy experience in which you must order companies to dig trenches, launch artillery bombardments, and, when it is the crucial moment to strike, send your troops in a heroic charge over the top.

Beginning in 1914 after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria triggered war in Europe, The Great War: Western Front's Campaign begins with the Allies scrambling to contest the Central Powers' forces as they advance through Belgium and France. After stopping the Central Powers advance at the Marne, both sides race to the sea, with the war of position now taking shape. The campaign will take you through landmark battles in the Great War's ferocious Western Front, progressively introducing new concepts and mechanics in line with historical developments through an expanding tech research tree. Over the campaign, you will gain access to advancements in aerial warfare, gas warfare, and mechanisation. The Great War: Western Front brings you a realistic depiction of the brutality of time on the Western Front; lives will be lost and morale sapped as you fight for every inch on the road to victory.

Enjoy a living world where your actions, and their consequences, will have a lasting impact. As battles slowly tear apart the idyllic French countryside, the leftover destruction will be retained, impacting the battle space available to you when returning to maps for later warfare. Artillery bombardments will leave craters, trenches will be dug, and fortifications left standing that could sway the tide of a future fight. As the month's change, weather will draw in that could greatly impact unit movement and morale. Conquering these changes and forming a strategy around a dynamic, living environment will be the only way to secure victory for your faction.

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Alongside Campaign mode, there will be 3 other gameplay modes available: Historical Battles, Skirmish, and Multiplayer.

Historical Battles is a scenario-based mode in which Commanders must take charge of WW1's most significant, hard-fought battles to achieve their own success. Skirmish sees Commanders making their own rules as you gain access to a fully customisable experience, allowing you to dominate your own battle experience with all unit and technology options already unlocked. Multiplayer sets two players head-to-head to determine who is the greatest WW1 Commander.

We will be bringing you further analysis reports of features in the coming weeks, so keep watch on our channels for more information. The Great War: Western Front can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

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